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All women team that started from a backyard garden in IRMA, Anand is manufacturing and selling their 100% natural herbal blends. No Artificial colours, preservatives and additives.

These blends are an extension of what one used to eat traditionally in India, prepared to suit the modern-day life styles.

100% Natural

Naturally Grown and Produced

Made Fresh

Using Traditional Recipes and Methods

Sourced Responsibly

From Marginal and Tribal Farmers in India

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Herbs for a Healthy Metabolism

Metabolism is the life process that provides us with energy. In Ayurveda, the life force that facilitates metabolism is called Agni.

Healthy Metabolism simply translates into an energetic and vibrant life. When out of Balance, Agni can cause all kinds of what we call today modern lifestyle diseases.

Ayurveda recommends several herbs and remedies to keep your metabolism healthy. Here're the top products that we have made using this knowledge.

Ayurveda on Skin Care

Ayurveda views your skin type in terms of the relative balance of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. If your Vata is dominant, you're likely to have dry and rough skin. If your Pitta is high, your oily skin may be prone to acnes. High Kapha makes the skin cold and oily, and prone to pimples.


Herbs for Skin Care

Ayurveda on Detox & Stress

Toxins accumulate in our bodies from all kinds of sources - undigested food, water and air pollution, chemicals from soaps & cosmetics, pesticides and fertilisers used to grow the food. Ayurvedic detox focuses on cleansing the body from these harmful, unwanted substances and restore body's vitality and energy.


Herbs to help Detox & Destress

Ayurveda on Immunity

Ayurveda understands immunity as a combination of two factors - Bala and Ojas. Bala is the body's ability to nourish and replenish itself. Ojas is the ability to ward off external disease causing organisms and pathogens.


Herbs to Boost Immunity

Can't Decide what Products are Right for You? Sudha can Help.

Sudha is the Founder of Bilvam Herbals who takes a personal interest in ensuring well being for every individual she touches. 

  • First-Hand Experience of 20+ years: Sudha has been learning and using Ayurveda since she was a teenager. Her wisdom comes distilled through her personal experiences as well as deep consultations with mentors who hold generations' worth of traditional knowledge.
  • Experience making natural products: Every product Sudha makes and recommends is made in Anand in Small Batches usind Traditional Methods and Recipes. All ingredients are 100% Natural, Organically grown and sustainably sourced.
  • Founder on a Mission: Sudha started Bilvam Herbals to help her friends adopt Ayurveda into their daily lives and preserve the biodiversity that Ayurveda depends upon. 

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