Sudha has Recommendations to Add #PlantPower to Your #DinCharya

Sai Sudha, Founder of Bilvam Herbals

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Live a Modern Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature.

Sudha has Recommendations to Add #PlantPower to Your #DinCharya

  • Practitioner for 40+ years: Sudha has been learning and using Ayurveda since she was a teenager. Her wisdom comes distilled through her personal experiences as well as deep consultations with people like Shri Dandapani Sastri Gaaru and Dr. Dhanwantari Jha who hold generations' worth of traditional knowledge.
  • Experience making natural products- Every product Sudha makes and recommends is made in Anand in Small Batches usind Traditional Methods and Recipes. All ingredients are 100% Natural, Organically grown and sustainably sourced.
  • Founder on a Mission - Sudha started Bilvam Herbals to help her friends adopt Ayurveda into their daily lives and preserve the biodiversity that Ayurveda depends upon. 

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People Love Bilvam's Herbal Blends

I am so happy with Bilvam's products.  My sugar levels are normal.  Hunger pangs and dizzying spells are under control. Also, my craving for sweet has decreased. Thank you, Sudha ji for these products!

Hema Yadav

You're doing such a great job!  Thinking for yourself is common but  you are working for the health of others  which is very kind.  Best wishes to the Bilvam Team. 

Sweta Malathi

Sudha and the team is doing an amazing job with Bilvam Herbals. I am very happy with the products. Devi's blessing are always on you for your kind seva!

Hema Gaaru

I am super satisfied with the products. For me, purity matters the most and  that is what I get with Bilvam's products. I'll continue using these for a better immunity


Herbal Blends for Daily Healthy Habits

Sudha has been experimenting and understanding Ayurveda ever since she was a teenager. Over the years, she has curated recipes for several herbal blends, based on generations worth of traditional knowledge and time-tested formulations.

With Bilvam Herbals, Sudha and her team are creating the herbal blends that are relevant to everyone leading a modern-day lifestyle. The idea is to combine the fast-paced lifestyle with the best elements of Ayurveda to live a rich, healthy, balanced life.

Detox Your Body

Modern Lifestyle exposes us to a variety of toxins on a daily basis. These come in the form of environmental pollution, toxins in our food and the toxins that the body produces owing to the amount of stress in the modern, urban lifestyle.

Ayurveda recommends detoxifying your body at the start of every season. We have curated 4 special products that are particularly good for a Detox!

Build Immunity

If there’s one lesson that 2020 taught us all, it’s to keep our body’s natural immune system strong. Our fast-paced, busy lifestyles give us no time to unwind and take care of the body daily.

In Ayurveda, immunity is a vital component of the interface between individuals and their world. It is the relationship between bodily health, emotional well-being, and mental vision and perspective. 

Relieve Cold, Cough & Body Pains

Change of season, and particularly the onset of winter, can send your nose running or have you coughing. Common cold can seem harmless in and of itself, but it can set the ground for more respiratory disorders to follow.

It's best to imbibe some herbs in your daily habits to keep the cold, cough and all the associated diseases at bay.

Age Well and Care for Your Skin

Increased screen time, mounting stress, poor air quality - these are just a few of the many ways our modern lifestyles are making us age quicker. The effect can be visibly seen on our skin - dark circles, eye bags, dark patches, wrinkles.

According to Ayurveda, skin issues are predominantly a vata condition. The treatment principle is to pacify vata by hydrating and bringing unctuousness back to the body. These blends will help you pacify the Vata.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Good Metabolism and weight control depends upon a life force called Agni. When Agni is strong, we are able to sustainably digest and assimilate what we consume – food, thoughts, actions and ideas. When Agni is weak, we are not able to digest what we intake.

Due to our busy, modern lifestyles, we hardly find time to think about the daily food and exercise choices we make. This affects our Agni. You can consider these natural products to balance your Agni.

DeStress Your Mind

Many of us consider modern life as stressful. More often than not, we have complicated lives, more sources of stress and more opportunities for the stress to wreak havoc with our bodies.

Ayurveda realizes that stress, also known as Sahas, is the root cause of several diseases. Stress is closely related to three doshas in our body - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The amount of negative stress depends on the proper balance of these doshas. To maintain good health and positive amounts of stress, it’s important to fine-tune these doshas to be in perfect balance.

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