Bael Infused Sesame Oil

Ingredients: Bael leaves and Sesame Oil

How-to-Use: Ensure the oil is warm before applying. Apply only in one direction. Advisable to apply in upward direction for hands and legs.

Health Benefits: For general body pains related to nerves, sprains, nerve pulls, paralysis, joint pains

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Product description

Introducing our Bael infused Sesame Oil - a 100% natural remedy for your body pains! Made with the goodness of Bael leaves and sesame oil, this oil is perfect for those who suffer from general body pains related to nerves, sprains, nerve pulls, paralysis, and joint pains.

Bael leaves are known for their therapeutic properties and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Sesame oil, on the other hand, is a popular ingredient in Ayurveda and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When these two ingredients are combined, the result is a powerful natural remedy for body pains.

To use this oil, ensure that it is warm before applying. Double boiling the oil is the best way to achieve this - simply place the bowl of oil in a larger pan containing boiling water. Apply the oil only in one direction - advisable to apply in an upward direction for hands and legs. Massage gently until it is absorbed by the skin.

Regular use of this oil can provide immediate and permanent relief from all kinds of flu, respiratory infections, sinus problems, chronic cold and cough, fever with body pains, and joint pains. Our Bael infused Sesame Oil is 100% natural, safe, and has no side effects.

So why suffer from body pains when you can find relief naturally? Try our Bael infused Sesame Oil today!

Customer Reviews

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Lakshmi Krishnaswamy

Bael Infused Sesame Oil

Getting some relief after application


Valmiki Srinivasulu
Beal infused sesame oil: A Genuine Product

I am using Beal infused sesame oil for neck pain for about a week and found to be very effective. The aroma of the oil is natural and the product appears to be trustworthy. I will continue to use this oil for a mandalam( about 40 days) before giving authentic review. At the first instance, I feel it's a great product from Bilvam Jaganmatha Herbals.

Smt. Vijaya Venkatesh
Smt. Vijaya Venkatesh on Bael Infused Sesame Oil (Pain Relief Oil)

I started using Bilvam's Bael Infused Sesame Oil for my knee joint pains. It's really very effective and I would like to thank Bilvam's team.

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