Dry Ginger Powder

Ingredients: Dry Ginger Powder

How-to-Use: Add in Buttermilk with Saindhav Namak

Health Benefits: Improves digestion, and effective against cold & cough

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Product description

Dry Ginger Powder is a natural and effective solution for digestive problems.  The powder is made from high-quality dry ginger roots, which are processed using traditional methods to retain their natural goodness.

This Ayurvedic product is a great way to maintain good digestive health without spending too much time or effort.

As an Ayurvedic remedy, It s recommended for people who suffer from digestive issues like bloating, flatulence, constipation, and acidity. It is also a great remedy for cold and cough. Regular consumption of this Ayurvedic powder can help improve digestion, prevent stomach-related ailments, and boost overall health and well-being.

The powder is easy to use and can be taken anytime during the day. It has a pleasant aroma and taste, which makes it easy to consume. 

How to Use

The powder can be mixed in buttermilk along with Saindhav Namak to make a delicious and healthy drink. 

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