Masala Tea with Black Pepper and Cardamom

Ingredients: Tea powder, Black pepper and cardamom

How-to-Use: To be made as regular tea, with or without milk. See detailed instructions below.

Health Benefits: Good for throat conditions

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Product description

Introducing our Ayurvedic Masala Tea with Black Pepper and Cardamom - a warm, fragrant and comforting beverage that not only delights your taste buds but also has numerous health benefits.

Our tea is a blend of 100% natural ingredients, including handpicked tea leaves from the lush green lands of Kerala, black pepper, and cardamom. These ingredients have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and are known for their healing properties.

One of the key benefits of our masala tea is that it helps relieve throat pain, making it a great remedy for those suffering from cold, flu or sore throat. The combination of black pepper and cardamom also helps freshen your mind and remove dullness, providing a healthy boost to your energy levels.

Our masala tea is also highly effective in combating cold and cough, as black pepper and cardamom are known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. The warm and soothing effect of the tea can help clear up congestion, reduce inflammation and provide relief from the symptoms of cold and cough.

All our ingredients are carefully chosen for their quality and purity, and our tea is free from any artificial flavors or preservatives. Our masala tea is a perfect blend of taste and health, and is recommended for those looking for a natural and effective way to stay healthy and refreshed.

Enjoy a cup of our Ayurvedic Masala Tea with Black Pepper and Cardamom today and experience the goodness of nature in every sip!

How to Use

To be made as regular tea, with or without tea.

Store in glass bottle or an airtight container.

Keep it in dry place at room temperature, away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate, colour may vary. Not for medicinal use. Best before 3 years from date of packing.

Customer Reviews

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Krishna Mohan S

Very Natural taste. Really loving the product

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