Edible Camphor infused Sesame Oil

Edible Camphor infused Sesame Oil

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Quantity: 50ml

This mixture of sesame oil with camphor is an essential part of morning Nasya Kriya. Regular application keeps your nasal and respiratory tract clean and protects your body from seasonal cold and cough.

Health Benefits

Helps build immunity by keeping the air passage clean. It helps in breathing well by keeping the nostrils clean.


Bilvam Herbals Nasal Cleanser contains cold-pressed sesame oil and very little amount of edible camphor. 

Quantity- 50ml

Instructions to use

• First thing in the morning immediately after brushing and half an hour before having anything, put one drop of oil in each nostril and do deep breathing for about five minutes or 20 times.
• While doing deep breathing, inhale deeply and exhale slowly and light.
• While doing deep breathing, sit in a cross-legged posture with an erect spine.
• After 5-10 minutes of deep breathing, spiced turmeric milk to be consumed.