Simple Home Remedies for Treating Eye Problems

by Sai Sudha Chebrolu on Aug 25, 2020

Simple Home Remedies for Treating Eye Problems

Before starting any or all of the given remedies, one has to clean the internal body system by following either lemon process or castor oil process. And once in every six months one of the two processes to be followed for best results. (For both the processes please refer to the post on Two Cleansing Processes of Internal Body System)

Following are the various ways in which one can prevent or treat different kinds of eye problems including improving vision. Practice as regularly as possible and as many tips as possible for healthy eyes:

  • Put Mustard oil in between the 20 nails’ gaps. It works best as you keep it longer.
  • Have to eat carrot, greens especially Water Amaranth. Water Amaranth is of three varieties and all the three varieties are good for eyes.
  • For healthy eyes and teeth eat more of sour food items.
  • Clean eyes frequently by directly keeping them in river or pond or in bucket full of water. 
  • Indian Gooseberry (Amla) juice to be consumed in more quantity.
  • Clean eyes with Ivy gourd (Coccinia grandis) leaf juice.
  • Add edible camphor in water and clean eyes with that water.
  • Keep cut cucumber pieces on the eyes.
  • Add good quality turmeric powder in water, soak clean cloth in that water and keep that on the eyes.
  • Rub the conch shell on a mortar or rough surfaced flat stone by adding little water to get conch shell paste. Apply that paste on the eyes.
  • Cleanse eyes with mother’s milk.
  • Apply castor oil on the eyes.
  • Sieve anthill soil in a neat thin cotton cloth and make a paste of that soil by mixing water. Apply that soil paste on the eyes and clean the eyes once the paste is dried.
  • Eating more of Papaya, Indian Gooseberry, Pomegranate, banana, raw mango, custard apple, cucumber will improve eyesight.
  • Everyday cleanse eyes with cow urine.
  • Doing yoga and sava asan (corpse pose) everyday.
  • Drink desi cow’s milk every day.
  • Cleanse eyes with desi cow’s milk.
  • Doing Surya Namaskaram (sun salutation – one of very important yoga practice) daily.
  • Keep Moonbeam flower (Ervatamia coronaria) on the eyes and keep them pressed till the flower wilts. Moon beam is called Chandni, Tagar  (Hindi), Nandiar vattai (Tamil), Nandivardanam (Telugu).