Tulasi Turmeric Blend
Tulasi Turmeric Blend
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Tulasi Turmeric Blend

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Quantity: 100g

Tulsi mixed with Turmeric purifies your cleaning water. Mixing about 5 gms of this powder in 4-5 Litres of drinking water can keep it clean for the entire family for an entire day.

Health Benefits

It helps build and boost immunity by keeping the drinking water clean.


100% Natural Water Purifier made of organic turmeric powder, Tulasi leaves, elaichi, cloves, and edible camphor.

Quantity- 100 grams

How to Use

Take one teaspoon or 5 gms of turmeric Tulasi water purifier supplement and
add in 4-5 litres of drinking water.

Divide that into four equal portions and each member has to have a portion of Turmeric Tulasi water any time before lunch.

Do not use plastic bottles or plastic jugs or plastic tumblers to store or drink
this water.

Points to remember
All age groups and children above 10 years can take this as per given

For children in the age group of 5 – 10 years, reduce the quantity of water by

Store in a glass bottle or airtight container.
Keep it in a dry place at room temperature, away from sunlight.
Do not refrigerate.