Bilvam Herbal Supplements – Process of Preparation (POP)

by Sai Sudha Chebrolu on Aug 25, 2020

Bilvam Herbal Supplements – Process of Preparation (POP)

Hello Friends

Hope you are all doing good. Some of you have asked on how do we prepare the herbal supplements at Bilvam Herbals? Is the process safe and hygienic? So I thought today I will talk about the POP of Bilvam Herbal Supplements.

So this is how we prepare 

All the herbal powder supplements at Bilvam Herbals are made following traditional, hygienic and safe methods of sorting, cleaning, drying and storing. Every leaf is carefully plucked and sorted removing small twigs and wasted leaves. Leaves are double washed and shade dried till they become crisp. Powder supplements made are stored in glass jars to retain its fragrance and potency.