What you can expect

by Sai Sudha Chebrolu on Aug 24, 2020

What you can expect

If anyone asks what Ayurveda means to you, answers can be

  • Another treatment method
  • Alternative medicine from India
  • Medicines are very difficult to take – bad taste, smell and inconvenient to take
  • Has lot of diet restrictions and is just not easy or practical to follow etc….

I too started with this view but learned about Ayurveda only after my family members and (more intensely) when I fell seriously ill. Surprisingly and in total contradiction to my first impressions of strange smells and not so great tastes or looks, my experience has been very different. And when I realized that Ayurveda is actually not just about treating diseases but is the pathway and a guide towards healthy and cheerful way of living, my entire perspective towards life has changed. I realized, Ayurveda is the answer in this age of rapid transition, to fast-paced and demanding work life, urbanization, pollution so on and so forth. I also understood that Ayurveda is not about medicine, it is about our daily routine, regular consumption of plants, which are locally available and definitely some exercise to the body.

With the divine grace and blessings of Saami and His experiential knowledge I will be writing about my journey with Ayurveda, introduce some specific healthy food recipes and tips, share basic information on different plants and their usage. Through this blog I would encourage all of you to write to me or e mail me any specific questions, problems or comments you have on life style problems, weight control and management, food, health issues (cancer, pregnancy and maternal care, childcare, respiratory infections, malaria, under and over nutrition), emotional stress especially during serious illness or particular stage in life such as pregnancy, menopause, old age. My response will definitely not resemble a doctor’s or healer’s advise as I am not one. All that I will talk to you about is purely from personal experience as a user or practitioner and from an attendant (to a seriously ill family member) point of view.